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Q: What is a good sharp ratio?
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What is sharp ratio in portfolio management?

sharp ratio: measures the exess return on the portfolio the manager provide for the exposure to risk, the way it calculated. ER_RF/Standrd dev Yasir Alani

What adaptation do polar bear have?

.good sense of smell .sharp teeth sharp claws camouflage

Are sharp tv parts good quality?

Sharp TV parts are good quality. It all depends on what parts you need and what television you are working with, but overall, Sharp is good quality for the price.

Are Sharp Aquos TV sets good value for money to provide TV services in a maritime environment?

They have sharp aquos at best buy, And sharp aquos is a good value for the money to provide TV services in a martime enviroment. And yes it is a good deal.

Is the 12,000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio on the Panasonic Viera TC-L32X1 a good contrast ratio?

A 12,000:1 contrast ratio is good, but a 50,000:1 would be better.

What adaptations do bald eagles have to get their food?

Sharp talons, sharp hearing, good eyesight, smooth flying

What physical adaptations do polar bears have?

.good sense of smell .sharp teeth sharp claws camouflage

What is variable ratio power steering?

This allows you to have some freedom in your steering. You can make some changes and even sharp turns if necessary.

What is the ratio mix cement to ballast for concrete path?

I would mix it, 1 cement, 1 sharp sand, 4 ballast.

What is the axial ratio antenna?

axial ratio is a prarameter for determining how good circular polarisation

What is the gas oil ratio for a Suzuki rm 85?

32:1 is a good ratio.

How sharp is a bulls horn?

Not as sharp as the blade of a razor or good cutting knife, but sharp and pointy enough to cause enough damage if they are used as a weapon of defense. Cows' horns can be just as sharp as that of a bull.