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A pike jump is where cheerleaders will jump off the ground and their legs are out in front of them with straight legs and pointed toed. Their heads face downward and their arms are straight out in front of them and parallel to each other.

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Q: What is a pike jump in trampolining?
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What are the main shapes used in trampolining?

pike jump tuck jump straddle jump Think these are the main ones there could be a few more

Who invented trampolining?

Tuck Jump, Pike Jump, Straddle Jump, Swivle Hips, Barani, Somersault... There are just a few of many.

What are the rules of trampolining?


What is a pike in trampolining terms?

it is where the person who is trampolining jumps in the air straightens there legs out in front of them and touches there toes then lands back upright

What muscles are used in a pike jump?

Every muscles the pike has to swim with are used to do a pike jump.

Is a pike jump a dance jump?

No it is a Gym Jump on trampolines Ok

Do you need to be flexible in trampolining?

Flexibility is important during trampolining if you are not flexible then you would not be able to perform many skills. In trampolining it is important to be able to do the simple skills such as a pike straddle etc and if you cannot do these then you wont be able to build them up and perform more complex skills

What are easy gymnastics jumps?

tuck jump, pike jump, wolf jump, any of those.

What are some trampolining moves?

Front tuck, Front pike, Front straight, back tuck, back pike, back straight, double front, double back, barani, front and back full. etc.

What is a pike in gymnastics?

a pike is a jump that looks like somone trying to touch their toes in the air

What is the purpose of trampolining?

The trampoline mat is the thing that you jump on while using a trampoline. This will have to be replaced when it is used a lot.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an official in trampolining?

watch 'em jump