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being rich is not always about how much money you have but how good your life is

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Q: What is a rich person?
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What is a newly rich person called?

A newly rich person is a PARVENU.

Lifestyle of rich person?

life style of a rich person is when they have pooped alot

Word to describe wealthy person?

Wealthy people.Typhoon is a rich person.

What is rich's?

it is a rich person wo ownes a land

Is Rafael Nadal a rich person?

Yes, he is rich.

What is a rich?

it is a rich person wo ownes a land

Where is you in the rich person?

You is where you is.

What do you call a rich person in Costa Rica?

rich coast

What is a rich landowner?

it is a rich person wo ownes a land

What happens if you get rich but die trying?

then you are a dead rich person

Who is the most rich person?

The most rich person is the most content and happy with what he/she already has.

Who is most rich person on roblox?

The most rich person must be the creator of the game which is "ROBLOX".