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Training of Trainers (TOT)

Trainer's training is training to those persons who are supposed that they can work as trainer or they are appropriate participants for TOT on the basis of selection criteria for a specific training course.

Participant selection criteria for TOT

1. Major criteria:

§ The person who is proposed for TOT should received training as service provider and should be experienced in providing service because he/she should demonstrate the job doing correctly in appropriate sequence to the participants.

§ Should have knowledge on subject matter

§ Should have pre-determined criteria (e.g. minimum education, future responsibility to be a trainer.)

2. Other criteria (if possible):

§ Knowledge and skills to use different participatory methods

§ Pre-exposure to training/training methods and experience in TOT

§ Knowledge on adult learning principles

§ Knowledge and skill of facilitation

§ Communication skills

§ Skills of interpersonal relationship

§ Knowledge and skills of using A/V aids

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Q: What is a trainer of trainer course?
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