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The only way to get the other starters if you trade them from a different game to emerald, when you finish the hoenn dex you can choose one johto starter at prof birch's lab.

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2010-02-09 13:57:39
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Q: What is a way to get different starter Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?
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Is there another way to get a starter Pokemon in emerald?


Where do you get torchic in emerald?

Only way to get it is by choosing it as a starter Pokemon.

Is Pokemon Emerald compatible with Pokemon Ruby?

in my opinion emerald is way better than ruby. that is because there is battle frontier in emerald and in emerald we get a jotho starter pokemon from prof. birch after beating hoen dex!

How do you get three starter Pokemon in Emerald without trading?

The only other way is to cheat.

Do you have to trade to get a torchic combusken or a Blaziken in Pokemon emerald?

The only way to get a Torchic in Emerald is if you chose it as your starter at the beginning of the game.

Can you catch starter Pokemon in the wild in Pokemon emerald?

no unfortunately u cannot catch starter Pokemon in the wild but if u can trade with a friend who has different starter Pokemon i think that is the only way other than getting a game shark or an action replay (Wat Eva they r) r u kidding me the only game you can get all the starters is Pokemon yellow :( fail what starter do you have

How do you get a different Pokemon to start with on Pokemon indigo. Your starter is always first?

There is no other way but to remove your starter from ur team.......

Can you find starter Pokemon throughout Pokemon emerald?

no as far as i know there,s no way in any Pokemon game that u can catch starters throughout the game only in the beginning when u chose ur starter.

On Pokemon platanm how do you get your starter Pokemon to lay a egg?

the quickest and easiest way to do it is to get Pokemon emerald and catch a ditto and migrate it to platinum then put it in the day care with the starter Pokemon and wait till they have an eggPS: it will never be dittohope this helps

What is the best way to beat the 4th gym if your starter is treeko in Pokemon emerald?

you should train a water Pokemon or teach your treecko rock tomb

Is there a different way to get Kingdra on Pokemon Emerald?

No, there is only one method to get Kingdra.

Where do you get a treecko?

In diamond pearl and platinum is in pal park and in ruby Sapphire and emerald they are starter Pokemon and trading and there is no other way.

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