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Q: What is don johns crimes he commited?
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When was Don Johns born?

Don Johns was born in 1937.

Why does don Pedro believe in don johns deception?

they are brothers

Do youth commit crime?

Yes, many youth have commited crimes. they are protected under the youth crimanal justice act. I know of people who have commited crimes and are not adults yet. Adults commit more crimes but youth still commit some of them.

What crimes are hate crimes?

Crime commited by someone who is against the opposing person because of color,race,religon etc...

Did blackbeard comit any crimes?

He commited almost every crime imaginable

Can former strippers be in the military?

As long as you have not commited any major crimes or felonies, probably.

What types of crimes were committed during the time of the Aztecs?

They commited this because they were cruely cruels

What are some crimes cats have done?

cats have commited a number crimes throughout the years, from murder to rape but they cannot be charged in a court of law.

How did war crimes get involved in the Korea war?

There are war crimes commited by every country or group since the dawn of time. I don't get the point of your question.

Do you have to have a passport to go back to own state?

It depends on if you have commited any crimes like beastailty. if not then no

Why do afghans go to Pakistan?

Pakistanis claim that most street crimes are commited by Afghan Refugees

What can a president be impeached for?

crimes or doing something unconstitutional.