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goku's last name is son but in Japan last name is said first (example: Son Goku,Son Gohan)

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son is gokus last name goku son but in Japanese it is son goku

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The Goku's full name is Son Goku and Kakarot is his saiyan name.

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It is Son

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Q: What is gokus last name?
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What is Gokus last name from Dragon Ball Z?

Son. His full name is Son Goku.

Is gokus last name son?

No its how they call him in Japan Son-Goku -Giga Drill

What is the name on gokus dad?


Who is gokus brother?

his name is howzat

What is Ratiz's last name?

Raditz doesnt have 1 Gokus family is called the son family but that's just goten gohan chichi and him.

What is gokus fathers name?

Goku's father's name is Bardock.

What is gokus saiyan name from dragon vball z?


Who is gokus mother on Dragon Ball Z?

The name of Goku's mother is Kanza.

Does Goku have a last?

No, saiyans live forever, unless, you know.. Someone kills you, but Gokus too strong

Was gokus mom in a episode of dragonballz?

No Gokus mom was not in any of the episdoes of dragonballz's episodes

Who is gokus uncle?

his uncle is uncle joe joe bean there is proof

What is gokus real name?

Goku's real birth name is Kakarot. He is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball.