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Q: What is priv fee recov chg?
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When was Francis Fee born?

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What is commencement fee?

It is a fee used to pay for graduation things; speakers, food, ex.........

What is the fee for using coinstar?

A 10.9% service fee applies. Fees may vary by location.

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What is an 'Apt conc recov fee'?

An apt conc recov fee means that it is an airport concession recovery fee. It basically means it's the tax the airport puts on a customer that arrives on a flight rather than driving to the airport.

What does chg mean on bank statement?

Chg in banking terms may refer to a Charge or a Fee that a bank may charge your bank account for some reason. For ex: If the minimum balance requirement in your account is Rs. 1000/- and you fail it, the bank may go ahead and charge you a penalty fee (as per the account opening agreement) on your account. This will reflect as "Chg" in your statement.

What does chg mean on a bank statment?

Chg = charge

What does chg stand for on your bank statement?

what dose chg maens

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Where can I find information about internet addiction on the Internet?

Well, I would recommend finding additional information about internet addiction on Addiction Recov because they offer a variety of information and services. They also offer their services for a fee of no charge.

What does tomc mean on your bank statement?

Tomc is not a common abbreviation on a bank statement. You can contact your local bank for a list of terms related to bank statements. Examples of commonly found abbreviations on a bank statement are TRF, DR, and CHG. TFR stands for transfer, DR is a debit, and CHG is a charge or fee from your bank.

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What is car rental apt conc recov fee?

It means "Airport Concession Recovery". It is a tax that an airport rental branch applies if the customer arrived via an airline flight into that airport (as opposed to driving to the airport branch from somewhere else in town). The circumstances under which this fee might be applied seem to be rather variable, and are probably outlined in individual company policies.