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1.Madonna in The Church 2.The Virgin of Chancellor Rollin 3.A Man in a Turban 4.The Crucifixion And more fabulous work:)

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Q: What is some Jan van eyck's famous paintings?
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Who were Jan van eycks parents?

bob loral Eyck bob loral Eyck

What was Jan van eycks favorite quote?

Painting is a form of profound creative release

Was Jan Vermeer known for anything unusual?

He is famous for his small paintings of people in Dutch interiors and especially for the beautiful yellow and blue colors.

Why did Jan Vermeer use the same lady in his paintings?

Jan vermeer had the same lady in all of his paintings because he wanted to demonstrate his apprecation for his lady.

List of paintings of Jan Vermeer?

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Who is peter Paul Rubens work particularly concerned with?

Peter Paul Rubens is famous for his paintings. A few of his paintings were the Family of Jan Brueghel the Elder, Ecce Homo, and Descent from the Cross.

What are Jan Van Eyck's most notable paintings?

Jan van Eyck's most notable paintings are the Ghent Altarpiece, Virgin and Child with Cannon and The Arnolfini Portrait. He is a Flemish artist who painted in the early 1400s.

What type of paintings were produced in flanders?

Flemish painters produced a variety of paintings, including religious works, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and genre scenes. They were known for their attention to detail, use of light and shadows, and rich colors. Some famous Flemish painters include Jan van Eyck, Peter Paul Rubens, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

What famous artist hid himself in his own paintings?

The Dutch artist Jan Vermeer is known for painting himself into a few of his works. A work by Vermeer called 'The Art of Painting' is a good example. In some of his works there may only be part of an easel or canvas in a refection.

Who is Jan Vermeer?

Jan Vermeer is a famous artist who is centuries old.

Jan Brueghel the Elder's painting in Paris France?

There are at least two of his paintings in the Louvre museum. Jan Brueghel never visited France himself.

What is Jan van Eyck's most famous work?

He acquired work with a prince with a very high salary, which made him one of the best Flemish painters of the time, until his death.