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Q: What is source of wealth of marcos?
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What is phora real name?


How tall is Marcos Jatoba?

Marcos Domingua is 6' 2".

What is the birth name of Marcos Frota?

Marcos Bustamante's birth name is Marcos Daniel Bustamante.

What is Imelda Marcos's birthday?

Imelda Marcos was born on July 2, 1929.

When was Marcos Galarza born?

Marcos Galarza was born on 1984-04-03.

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What are the problems of Ferdinand marcos?

During marcos administration there was 3 major controversies. First: marcos ill gotten wealth second: declaration of martial law third: assassination of benigno aquino thats it. Thank you :)

Ferdinand Marcos visit to China with Mao Ze Dong?

only his wife imelda marcos visit the PROC Chairman. it is because of the oil crisis and marcos need to get another source of oil.

How much the marcos wealth?

The exact amount of the Marcos wealth is difficult to determine due to its complex and disputed nature. Estimates suggest it could be anywhere from a few billion dollars to tens of billions of dollars. The ill-gotten wealth of the Marcos family has been the subject of numerous court cases and efforts to recover the funds for the benefit of the Filipino people.

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Well, I'm not totally sure, but in my Geography book, it says its main source of wealth is Petroleum.

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Is it true that Marcos wealth will give to the filipino?

No, it is not true. The wealth that was accumulated by former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos has not been given to the Filipino people. Some of the ill-gotten wealth has been recovered and returned to the Philippine government, but it has not been distributed directly to the Filipino people.

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P. Diddy's wealth comes from his clothing line (Sean John)

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Agriculture was the main source of wealth for colonial Virginia. Specifically, tobacco was the most profitable product at the time.