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The original (Golden Age) Green Lantern was Alan Scott. Unlike those who followed him, his weakness was not to the color yellow, but to objects made of wood.

The first Silver Age Green Lantern (and still the most famous) was Hal Jordan, a fighter pilot who was bestowed the ring by an alien GL named Abin Sur.

The Green Lantern Corps consists of thousands (officially 3,600; but I suspect there are more) of members. Some of the human GLs over the years have been:

  • John Stewart, an African-American ex-marine who is the GL of the Justice League Unlimited animated series,
  • Guy Gardner, a hotheaded fighter with more bravery than brains,
  • Kyle Raynor, an artist who was also the first not to be affected by yellowness.
  • Jade, the daughter of Alan Scott and Kyle Raynor's ex-girlfriend.

Notable alien members of the Corps include:

  • Abin Sur, the first GL to visit Earth, as mentioned above,
  • Katma Tui, Jon Stewart's red-skinned lover,
  • Arisia Rrab, Hal Jordan's younger romantic interest,
  • Kilowog, a brutal yet surprisingly clever alien,
  • Tomar-Re, a birdlike Lantern who still regrets that he couldn't save the planet Krypton.
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Q: What is the Green Lantern's real name?
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there are many green lanterns, and all the green lanterns of earth are still presently alive.

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There are thousands of green lanterns each assigned to a specific sector. Earths sector happens to have the most with 4 green lanterns.

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Is green lanterns weakness yellow?

You are correct

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Green Lanterns- Willpower, Ion is the Willpower entity Orange Corps- avarice Sinestro Corps-fear, the parallax is the Fear entity Blue Lanterns- Hope, no entity, but are the only ones who can destroy a Red lantern Red Lanterns- Rage, no known entity, but can steal rings Black Lanterns- Death, no entity, but claims all dead superheroes. Star Sapphires- Love, Love entity- Predator. Indigo Tribe: Unknown. White Lanterns: Unknown, all DC superheroes are these.

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Some lanterns weaknesses are the color yellow, but well trained lanterns can overcome this weakness.

Who is green lantern of sector 1151?

There are no known Lanterns on that sector.

What is glozell1 off of youtube real name?

Her real name is GloZell Green

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Green Bee's real name is Ethan Sholdger, but the actor playing him is Evan Nieva.

What is the green lanterns saying?

In the brightest day, in the blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, GREEN LANTERNS LIGHT!

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There are a lot of Green Lanterns but if your referring to the GL movie, Hal Jordan was a pilot.

What is green lanterns human name?

The most well-known Green Lantern of Earth is Hal Jordan. Other human Green Lanterns include John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Jessica Cruz. Each of them draws power from the Green Lantern ring.