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Team Mystic is the most popular one.

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Q: What is the best team in Pokemon GO?
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Which is the best pokemon team for pokemon emerald?

There is no best team unless you hack it. any pokemon can be good if trained correctly

What is the best pokemon team in pokemon diomond?

The best Pokemon team in diamond is piplup, shinx, starly, machop, budew, and cranidos

What is best team in Pokemon pearl?

my team

What is the best Pokemon GO team - Instinct Valor or Mystic?

It's all about opinion. I personally am on Team Mystic. Statistically, Team Mystic is the most popular team.

What is the best team for Pokemon league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Well my team was Wigglytuff charizard

How to replace Pokemon of team with newly caught Pokemon i am using iDeas emulator for Pokemon diamond?

You have to go to the Pokemon center, then go into the computer and then go into someones PC then go on deposit Pokemon. This will let you put Pokemon from your team into the PC. Then click on withdraw this will let you take Pokemon from your PC and put them into your team.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

get a friend bow, train ur guy to lvl 100, then go to the place, beat the pokemon, and hope for the best

What is the best Pokemon team to start with in Pokemon white?


What ' s the best Pokemon stragety?

By Strategy, if you mean best team of Pokemon, i recommend a solid team with a Dark,Psychic,Dragon,Water,Fire, and a Fighting Pokemon.

What is the best name for the team in red rescue team?

My team name is simple "Team Pokemon" because I plan to recruit all the Pokemon I can.

What is the best team to have in Pokemon red?

There is no defined "best team" in any Pokemon team. What your idea of a best team, may be different than someone else's idea. Use the Pokemon you like, and train them to high levels. You can use any Pokemon you want, as long as you teach them the right moves, you can't lose.

What is the best way for you to get your hole team to lvl 100 in Pokemon pearl?

go into solocean town and put them in the daycare.