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Orlando Bloom's birth name is Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom.

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Orlando jr.

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Q: What is the birth name of Orlando Bloom?
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What is Orlando Bloom's birth name?

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom

What is Orlando Bloom's full name?

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom.

What is will turner's real name from Pirates of the Caribbean?

If you mean who played as Will Turner, it was Orlando Bloom

What is Orlando Bloom in spanish?

Orlando Bloom. It is a proper noun and his name. There isn't a Spanish version.

What is the birth name of Rube Bloom?

Rube Bloom's birth name is Reuben Bloom.

Who has Kate Bosworth dated?

Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom Orlando Bloom

What is the birth name of Brian Bloom?

Brian Bloom's birth name is Bloom, Brian Keith.

What is the birth name of Lindsay Bloom?

Lindsay Bloom's birth name is Lindsay Diane Bloom.

What is the name of the person who played as Legolas on Lord of the Rings?

The role of Legolas was played by Orlando Bloom in all three Lord of the Rings films.Orlando Bloom also starred in Kingdom of Heaven and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.Orlando bloom plays Legolas Greenleaf (greenleaf is his lastname). If you want more info go to one wiki the wikipedia for LOTR.

What is the birth name of Orlando Sacha?

Orlando Sacha's birth name is Orlando Besaccia.

Is Orlando Bloom American?

No. Orlando Bloom is from England.

What is Orlando Bloom's occupation?

Orlando Bloom is a/an Actor