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shoot alder with a gun

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Q: What is the easiest way to beat alder in Pokemon Black and White?
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Where is champion alder in Pokemon Platinum?

Alder is only in pokemon black or white.

Can you battle Alder in Pokemon Black and White 2?


What are the champions in Pokemon Black and White?

Alder and Cynthia(from platinum)

Why does Alder in Pokemon black and white have a dead partner Pokemon?

I don't know. Maybe his pokemon was old or something.

What pokemon does the chapion of Pokemon Black and White have?

The Champion of the Elite Four in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White Versions, Alder, has the following Pokemon:Accelgor, Bouffalant, Druddigon, Vanilluxe, Escavalier, and Volcarona.

Where do you find gothita in Pokemon White?

not possible unless trade from black if you have black then go to route 9 if you have white then dusion from alder

Where is n at the end of the game of Pokemon black and white?

he actually become the champion after defeating alder

Who are the champions in black and white?

The League champion in the games are N, the Team Plasma king. Also there is Alder the Pokemon black and white champion

Who is the champion in Pokemon Black and White?

A guy named Alder is the champion in Black and White.His Pokemon are Accelgor,Druddigon,Bouffalant,Volcarona,Escalvier,and Vanilluxe.

Who is sronger than alder in pokemon white?

trainer n he beats alder

What do you do after you beat alder and Cynthia in Pokemon Black and White?

look for the seven sgaes if u did that ur done

Where is Cheren when you complete Pokemon Black and White?

I jusr completed Pokemon white and Cheren is in the town where you first meet Alder. He is standing by the gate thingy by the fence.

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