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James Peaceful

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Q: What is the fathers name in private peacful?
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What is Molly's full name in Private Peaceful?

It doesn't say in the book but she becomes a Peacful, and i don't know if she has a middle name. Molly Peacful.

What is mollys last name in private peacful?

Molly's last name in "Private Peaceful" is Monks. She is the love interest of the main character, Tommo Peaceful, and plays a significant role in the novel.

Is private peacful the book a novel?

Yes it is a novel

What is the name of the three brothers in private peacful?

Thomas (Tommo) Peaceful, Charlie Peaceful and lastly (big) Joe Peaceful

How old are the character in private peaceful?

16 yrs (charlie peacful)

How old is molly in private peaceful?

Molly is 15 years old in the book private peaceful

Why did everyone work in the big house in private peacful?

Because they work in the big house

What ocean name means peacful?


What does the name aleida mean?

The Name Aleida means a time in history where everything was peacful and greatful

How would you describe tommo in private peacful?

selfish, jealous of charlie and molly, later on through the story mature, and at the end independent.

What happens in the end of private peacful?

Charlie Peaceful dies and his girlfriend names their Baby Tommo in honour of charlies brother tommo!

Who is the best character in private peacful?

i personaly love charlie the best (spoiler alert) i found it so sad when he died it was so sad