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The Gate of "Truth" is a gate where all the knowledge of alchemy is stored. Who ever visits this place with have to pay a price for seeing the "truth" For example:
Edward Elric lost his leg (no cannot stand on his own)
Alphonse Elric loses his body (no longer able to feel his mother's warmth)
Izumi lost her lower organs (can no longer mother a child)
Roy Mustange lost his eye sight ( can no longer see what his nation will become)

All of this people lost the thing they seeked, so it is very accurate to say that the gate of truth is a bad thing and might not be the real truth. So far the gate of truth holds many questions.

In the manga, it was the world where alchemy took place. I you went there you would acquire most knowledge of alchemy.
In the anime, it was the place between their world and ours.

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The Gates of Truth are portals that are inhabited by a little white guy guy with no face (except a creepy smile). You pass through the Gates when you perform human transmutation.

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Q: What is the gate of truth in Fullmetal Alchemist?
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