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Q: What is watermark chanteuse?
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What actors and actresses appeared in La fable des continents - 1991?

The cast of La fable des continents - 1991 includes: Catherine Dune as La chanteuse

What actors and actresses appeared in Aller-retour - 1977?

The cast of Aller-retour - 1977 includes: Rufus as Le jeune homme Isabelle Ganz as La vendeuse Sarah Tonati as La chanteuse

What actors and actresses appeared in Vani la merveille - 1974?

The cast of Vani la merveille - 1974 includes: Nicole Delarc as La chanteuse Xavier Depraz as Cornelius Catherine Hubeau as Mo Victor Lanoux as Vani

What actors and actresses appeared in Bel ordure - 1973?

The cast of Bel ordure - 1973 includes: Maurice Brancourt as Le clochard Guy Chapelier as Un voyou Christiane Delorme as La femme du capitaliste Didier Flamand as Un serveur Marcel Gwendal as Le manager Michel Herval Patrick Laval as Un voyou Fernand Ledoux as Le gardien de prison Jean Legall as Un joueur de cartes Antoinette Moya as Une chanteuse Bulle Ogier as Marie, la chanteuse Sady Rebbot as Le producteur de disques

What movie and television projects has Pixie Hopkin been in?

Pixie Hopkin has: Played Julia in "Tajimara" in 1965. Performed in "Mariana" in 1967. Played Love-In Chanteuse in "Patsy, mi amor" in 1969. Played Maria Lopez in "The Candy Man" in 1969. Played Mariana in "Narda o el verano" in 1970.

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What is a watermark chanteuse?

A chanteuse is a female singer. "Watermark" is a song by singer Enya (Irish born).

What language does the word chanteuse come from?

Chanteuse is a word of French origin.

What is a watermark and why is it used?

Watermark protects your photo's copyright by adding image watermark, text watermark.

What does chanteuse mean in French?

"un chanteuse" (fem.) is a (female) singer in French.

How to remove unwanted items from a photo?

You can use Bitwar Watermark Expert to do the trick. It provides several features like photo watermark, video watermark, video watermark remover, and photo watermark remover.

Can you watermark so that when downloaded then the watermark shows in the file?

I simply wish to not really have a visible watermark, but rather a watermark that covers the photo with my name and web sight.

How do you remove watermark in watermark master?

You can't remove the watermark from the watermarked video as the watermark is embedded in each frame. You will need to keep the original, un-watermarked video.

When was Watermark Inc. created?

Watermark Inc. was created in 1969.

When was The Watermark Detroit created?

The Watermark Detroit was created in 2009.

When did Watermark Inc. end?

Watermark Inc. ended in 1995.

Can you put a watermark on Microsoft Power Point Presentations?

No, not as a watermark but there is a bypass. You have to have your watermark as a picture and then insert it into presentation as a background picture.

What is a synonym for female performer?