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A SIA Licence stands for 'Security Industry Authority'. In order to find a job within the security industry you need to have a SIA Licence, and you will need to keep your licence updated. You can work as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard, CCTV Operator, it is illegal to work in any of these positons without a SIA Licence.

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2013-05-10 08:02:26
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Q: What jobs are available when using a SIA license?
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Is an SIA licence necessary when applying for jobs with securitas?

Yes an SIA license will help you greatly when apply for security jobs. Not only is the SIA a requirement, you also have to have good communication skills and be in good physical condition.

How do you get an sia license?

To get your SIA license you need SIA training, which can be obtained from You can obtain SIA training from SIA listed companies, they are able to provide certified SIA training. Listed companies like AAB Training, SIA security school in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Portsmouth. Good Luck with your training, it's good fun!

How to obtain SIA license in UK?

If you're interested in obtaining a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor's Licence and you have a genuine interest in working within the security industry, then there are a number of options available to you should you wish to pursue this career. You may wish to consider enrolling on an SIA approved training scheme and the SIA will support you through the process by helping to secure a job for you upon completion of the training and award of the SIA Contractor's Licence.

Why needs SIA training for SIA license?

Once you go through SIA Traning, you happen to be guaranteed of learning every little thing you'll want to know about the security industry, specially its laws and regulations. Just like any other industry these days, the security industry is also governed by numerous laws, which require to be considered and recognized before actually applying for your SIA licence.

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