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Q: What kind of leg brace did Dennis weaver use?
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Did Dennis weaver use a brace to keep his leg stiff even when riding horses?


Did Chester wear a leg brace?

Chester Goode, Matt Dillion's friend and deputy for the first nine years (1955-64) of the TV version of Gunsmoke was given the limp and "twangy" accent by the actor Dennis Weaver. In the radio version, he was Chester Wesley Proudfoot and he had no limp. The right leg was the stiff one, and Dennis Weaver did not wear a brace to make him remember how to walk. In an interview Weaver stated that he took yoga classes to be able to move that way. No reason was ever stated in the script for the bum leg, but Chester had been in the cavalry and had been a cattle driver in Texas.

What kind of brace did Wilma Rudolph wear?

Wilma Rudolph's brace was on her left leg.

If you had a leg brace would you need crutches?

yes... a leg brace is like a cast

What is the medical term meaning a brace that is worn to improve the function of a leg?

A leg orthosis is the general term for a brace used to improve the leg's function.

Which leg was stiff on Dennis Weaver in Gunsmoke?

Because he wanted something that would make his character distinctive from Matt Dillon so he'd stand out.

How did chester keep his leg stiff on gunsmoke?

Dennis Weaver simply did it - he refused to wear any kind of device on the leg in fear that if he were to fall from a horse or something the leg could be injured if he couldn't bend it. He had an amazing concentration to walk like that the whole time he was on camera. He did say once that it took a while after he left Gunsmoke to not automatically limp whenever the director said "action".

Dennis weaver who played chester on gun smoke did he really have a bad leg?

No. He used this as a way to stand out. Matt Dillon, at 6'6" tall tended to overshadow his fellow actors unless they exhibited something special to grab the attention of the audience.

A mechanical appliance such as a leg brace or splint?

A leg orthosis is the medical term for a leg brace. It is an external device that modifies the structure and function of a leg. A splint is a rigid device that is used to prevent motion of a joint or of a fractured bone.

How can you get a foot brace and crutches?

by breaking you leg/ anklex

What happened to Justin Bieber's leg when he had a leg brace because in a few youtube videoes from a few years back he had a leg brace on so what happened to his leg if anyone knows provide details?

he triped on somthin on stag and brock his leg or how ever i want to say it

Should you swim if your brace has broken?

It depends on the brace if it's the neck brace then no , cause you might brake your neck again. If it's the leg than no again but if it's the brace on your teeth then yes.