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Q: What kingdom is moss classified into?
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Why is moss classified in plantae kingdom?

yes all moss is part of the plant kingdom

In which kingdom is the haircap moss classified?


What kingdom is moss in?

There are about 12,000 different species of moss in the World. All species of moss are in the kingdom of Plantae.

What is moss classified as?

nonvascular plant

Why are virus not classified into a kingdom?

They are not classified into a kingdom as they are not alive.

What kingdoms would you classify moss in?

Bryophyta, 12000 species of moss are classified here

Algae is classified in what kingdom?

Algea is classified into "Protista"(Protoctista) kingdom.

What kingdom does moss belong to?

it belongs to the fungi kingdom

Is moss a vertebrae?

No. Moss is a member of the plant kingdom the words vertebrate or invertebrate only apply to the animal kingdom

What kingdom moss belong to?

it belongs to the fungi kingdom

What kingdom are arthropods classified in?

Arthropods are classified in the animal kingdom (Animalia, or Metazoa).

Which kingdom should mold be classified?

Mold should be classified in the fungus kingdom.