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You should train your Pokemon until they strong enough to challenge the elite four, train your Pokemon from 50->70... if you catch one lengendary Pokemon that's will be perfect!But you just only catch kyogre!

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Q: What level should you Pokemon before facing the elite four in sapphire?
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What pokemon should you catch in pokemon sapphire?


How do you defeat Winona easily in Pokemon sapphire?

Electric and ice Pokemon should do it.

How do you get sableye in Pokemon pearl?

To get Sableye in Pokemon Pearl you will need a copy of Pokemon Sapphire. Insert Pokemon Sapphire into the GBA slot of the DS and turn it on. When you load into Pokemon Pearl wild Sableye should start appearing at Iron Island as long as Pokemon Sapphire is in the GBA slot.

Where should you go to catch Groudon in Pokemon sapphire?

you can only get groudon on Pokemon ruby.

How do you make Pokemon from sapphire to Pokemon Diamond?

insert the sapphire cartlige in your ds then the diamond and turn it on. Go into Pokemon diamond and an option should be migrate from sapphire. If this does not happen, there is a possibility that your game is fake. Look further into this via Google.

In Pokemon Sapphire where can you find this father at?

Should be where you met Wally, in the gym.

How do you get national Pokemon on sapphire?

If I am right, it should be by entering hall of fame

What should you do when i beat the champion in Pokemon sapphire?

fire types beat steal

What should you i after i have got the sapphire in Pokemon firered?

Give it to celio in 1 island

What level should you fight may in the beginning Pokemon Sapphire?

you should be around level 8-9

How do you get Dragonite in Pokemon Sapphire?

i'm not telling why would i you should know everybody knows

Is there a level max in Pokemon Sapphire?

it should be at level 100 like all the others