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It evolves into Infernape starting at level 36.

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Q: What lv does monferno evolve in Pokemon indigo?
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How does monferno evolve Pokemon HeartGold?


What level does elctebuzz evolve to on Pokemon indigo?

at lv. 100

What does chimchar evolve to?

lv 14 monferno

How do you evolve monferno in one battle?

If he or she is Lv. 36 after the battle he or she will evolve.

Will crogunk evolve by a stone on Pokemon indigo?

no it will evolve at lv. 37 hope this helps you trust me you need it.

What lv does pupitar evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar at level 55.

What level do monferno evolve on?

either lv 32 or 33

Does Chimchar evolve?

Chimchar evolves into a Infernape at lv.17. Infernape evolves into a Monferno at lv. (unknown)

On Pokemon pearl what level does ponyta monferno pysduck and machop evolve and what is an easier way to level up?

well monferno evolve at lv 36.machop evolves at 28.psyduck evoles at 30 i think and ponyta evoles at 40

What level does Monferno evolve in Platinum?

chimchar evolves into monferno at lvl 14 and into infernape at lvl 36 turtwig evolves into grotle at lvl 18 and into tortara at lvl 32 piplup evolves into prinplup at lvl 16 and into empoleon at lvl 34

How do you get shiny lv 100 Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

theres a pokemon indigo?\!

What lv does starly evolve in Pokemon indigo?

i don't know at which level but i evolved mine at level 24 cause i caught it.