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I think Spacial Rend would be better to use.

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Q: What move is better Roar of Time or Spacial Rend?
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Does anyone have a darkrai with spacial rend and roar of time on Pokemon diamond?

I do and I didnt get him by cheating either. He was level 50 when I got him and he had both of those moves.

How do you use 'ball of a time'?

you might mean "ROAR of time", that is known by Dialga and if got from an event, Arceus can know it as well (along with spacial rend, shadow force and judgment too).

What are gastly's moves in Diamond?

roar of time special rend draco metior frenzy plant

Is there a code for the event Darkrai with roar of time spacial rend caught with cherish ball and holding enigma berry on action replay?

umm i dont think there is one like tht lol tht would be a somewhat code there is a darkrai event code tho

How can you catch Arceus in Pokemon black?

First of all, beat the Elite Four twice (with their better Pokemon). Then you complete the National Pokedex ( accept Arceus). Then you go to the place where you got Victini with the Special Distribution Event ( I don't know what it's called since only my brother has this game). Then Arceus should be there at LV 50. Moves: Judgement Roar of Time Spacial Rend Shadow Force

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How do you get the moves roar of time and spacial rend for Arceus?

Arceus cannot learn roar of time or spacial rend.

Can Darkrai learn Roar of Time and Spacial Rend?

Yes, Darkrai can learn the moves Roar of Time and Spacial Rend.

Can you teach Arceus roar of time or spacial rend?

You can't teach it roar of time or spacial rend,you must get one from the 12th movie event.This arceus knows roar of time,spacial rend,shadow force,and judjement and is at lvl 100

What move is stronger roar of time or spacial rend?

Well, Spacial Rend Is Better Because Because After U Use It UR Pokemon Doesn't Need To Recharge.

What type of moves are spacial rend and roar of time?


What is the AR code for spacial rend and roar of time on Darkrai?

Use action replay

How do you get the moves roar of time?

Only Dialga can know roar of time just like only Palkia can know spacial rend

Can Palkia learn roar of time?

No, because it's a Pokemon move that only dialga can know, and dialga cant learn spacial rend. Palkia controls space so it makes spacial rend and dialga controls time which makes roar of time!

How does Darkrai learn special rend and roar of time?

There was an event from June 1, 2008-June 30, 2008 that give players a Darkrai that knows Roar of Time and Spacial Rend.

If Dialga's special attack is Roar of Time what's Palkia's?

Palkias Signature move is Spacial rend

How is better diagla or paikia?

I think palkia because dialgas roar of time has 150 power and you have to rest one turn,but palkia has spacial rend with 100 power,so if you use spacial rend twice in those two turns,you will have 200 power.

What level does Palkia learn roar of time?

Palkia does not learn Roar of Time, that's Dialga. Palkia has it's own unique move: Spacial Rend.