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Waclaw Machan goes by Wacky.

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Q: What nicknames does Waclaw Machan go by?
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When did Waclaw Zdanowicz die?

Waclaw Zdanowicz died on November 7, 1958, in Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland.

When did Waclaw Stepien die?

Waclaw Stepien died on October 28, 1993, in Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland.

When was Waclaw Domieniecki born?

Waclaw Domieniecki was born on April 9, 1910, in Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire [now Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland].

When was Waclaw Zastrzezynski born?

Waclaw Zastrzezynski was born on March 22, 1900, in Vilnius, Lithuania, Russian Empire [now Lithuania].

What is Waclaw Sierpinski's birthday?

Waclaw Sierpinski was born on March 14, 1882.

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When was Matt Machan born?

Matt Machan was born in 1991.

What is the birth name of Machan Varghese?

Machan Varghese's birth name is M.L. Varghese.

When was Waclaw Korabiewicz born?

Waclaw Korabiewicz was born in 1903.

When did Waclaw Korabiewicz die?

Waclaw Korabiewicz died in 1994.

When did Waclaw Godlewski die?

Waclaw Godlewski died in 1996.

When did Waclaw Wajser die?

Waclaw Wajser died in 1981.

When was Tibor R. Machan born?

Tibor R. Machan was born on 1939-03-18.

When was Machan Varghese born?

Machan Varghese was born in 1960, in Elamakkara, Kochi, Kerala, India.

When did Machan Varghese die?

Machan Varghese died on February 3, 2011, in Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

When was Waclaw Sierpinski born?

Waclaw Sierpinski was born on March 14, 1882.

When was Waclaw Fedak born?

Waclaw Fedak was born on September 28, 1930.

When was Waclaw Radecki born?

Waclaw Radecki was born on January 28, 1951.