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  1. 101 poems because there was a fire in my by Michael Morpurgo
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Q: What poems has Michael Morpurgo written?
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What was Michael morpurgo's 100th novel?

the 100th book written by michael morpurgo is the war horse

Has Michael Morpurgo written a book that has been rejected?

Michael has written a book that has been rejected.

Has Michael Morpurgo written horror books?

Michael Morpurgo has not written horror books. He is most famously known as an author of children's novels. He is also a poet, a playwright, and a librettist.

When was the death of Michael morpurgo?

Michael Morpurgo is not dead.

What is Michael Morpurgo's birth name?

Michael Morpurgo's birth name is Michael Andrew Bridge Morpurgo.

Does Michael Morpurgo have a family?

yes Michael morpurgo has a family

Who killed Michael Morpurgo?

Michael Morpurgo is not dead.

What will Michael Morpurgo's biography be called?

the good written of morpurgos place

How many books has many books has Michael morpurgo written?

Michael Morpurgo has written over 100 Children's Books.

What has the author Michael HOROVITZ written?

Michael HOROVITZ has written: 'Love poems'

Was Michael Morpurgo a school caretaker?

Michael Morpurgo was a school teacher.

When Michael morpurgo get married?

Michael Morpurgo got married 1963