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Q: What powers does jean grey have form x-men?
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Who are all the people that die in the last xmen movie?

-Jean Grey -Cyclops -Professor X

Who was jean greys mother in xmen last stand?

Elaine Grey was played by Desiree Zurowski.

Is there ever a version of XMen where Wolverine and Jean Grey get together?

Yes, it's called X-men Forever.

What is masterminds in xmen powers?

He creates intense illusions

Who are all the xmen?

Wolverine, storm, cyclops, nightcrawler, shadowcat ,iceman ,emma frost, colossus, beast, jean grey,forge

What are the three powers optiions in xmen destiny?

density control, shadow matter and energy projection

Where is Stan lee in xmen?

In X-Men the movie, Stan Lee is the hot dog vendor on the beach. In X-Men: The Last Stand, Stan Lee is Jean Grey's neighbour with the hose in the opening scene that was set 20 years ago.

How do aliens react?

Who knows? maybe they speak, ir maybe they have mutant powers! like in the xmen! So cool!

Good baseball cheers?

Heres a good cheer if your the xmen who are we xmen who are we xmen how do we play xtreme

How would you repair a leak in copper pipe that's underground from water meter?

Unless you developed heroes or xmen powers,you have to dig.

What is the name of the first xmen movies?

X-Men,X2,X-Men:The Last Stand,X-Men Origins:Wolverine and X-Men First Class.

Was Wolverine born with mutant powers or made into a mutant?

He developed the power to heal and regenerate naturally, he also had bone claws before the shiny metal ones. The adamantium that is fused to his skeleton was added later during human experimentation.