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Jared has not stated publically his spiritualty or religious beliefs

He sometimes wears a rosary and has thanked Jesus Christ for the song 'From Yesterday' which has a strong emphasis on love thy neighbor from sermon on the mount. He often says Amen, sweet baby Jesus and thank God. He said God Bless you Johnny on air while hosting Sirius music takeover playing the song 'Hurt' sung by
Johnny Cash written by Trent Reznor

If you look at the lyrics of 30 seconds to mars songs he wrote it appears he's apprehensive to organized religion but remains spiritual. He has recommended Eckhart Tolle 'A New Earth' which is a new agey look at spirituality linking all religions as an awareness of God and a softer view of Christianity combining the Trininty into one presense. By telling people to read the book which is entirely about the awareness of God and humanity's place in the world Jared indirectly is hinting at having a belief in a higher power. He was asked the question 'Do you believe in God' in an interview he responded "I think it's something our limited minds are unable to comprehend"

Jared has also spent some time with monks in Portugal after making 'Requiem for a Dream' to recover from the experience

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Jared and shannon were raised catholic. they are spiritual but not practicing

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Q: What religion is Jared Leto?
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