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after Sonic the Hedgehog for the sega genesis it's sonic the hedgehog 2

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Sonic advance 3

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Q: What series of Sonic is after Sonic heroes?
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Sonic heroes how to play as team dark in sonic heroes demo?


What age is E-123 Omega from the Sonic the Hedgehog series such as sonic heroes and shadow the hedgehog?

unknownIt is unknow, he first appeared in 2003 in Sonic Heroes, so assuming he was made in that year, he is about 6 years old (Aprroxamatly)Omega was created by Eggman to protect the original Shadow when Eggman saved him from his fall from space, so sometime between the Sonic Adventure 2 ending and the beginning of Sonic Heroes.

Who is the secret agent in sonic heroes?

metal sonic

Will Sonic Heroes 2 have at least two more teams?

SEGA has not announced Sonic Heroes 2.

Is vector in Mario games or sonic?

Nether he is in super smash bros Vector the Crocodile (if this is the Vector you are referring to in the question) is part of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise and has made an appearance in Sonic games such as Sonic Heroes and all three games of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series.

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What is the next series of sonic after Sonic X?

I think it is sonic heroes or what ever season you are. (There are 3 seasons)

When did Sonic The Hedgehog go downhill?

Each person has their own opinion on when the Sonic series began going downhill, the consensus is that the Sonic series went downhill around the time of Sonic Heroes, with Sonic Adventure 2 being the last great mainstream game.

Is there a sequel to Sonic Heroes?


Is sonic heroes 2 out in japan?

There is no Sonic Heroes 2

What is the sonic heroes theme song called?

"Sonic Heroes"

When did Sonic Heroes happen?

Sonic Heroes happened in 2003.

When will sonic heroes 2 be released?

There is no Sonic Heroes 2

What are Sonic Heroes 2 Stages?

There is no Sonic Heroes 2.

Is sonic heroes 2 a Playstation 3 game?

Sonic Heroes is a PS2 game and there is no game with the Sonic Heroes 2 title

When will Sonic Heroes 2 enter stores?

There will be no sonic heroes 2

Is sonic heroes 2 on the wii?

Sonic Heroes 2 does not exist.

Is there a chao garden in Sonic Heroes?

No, there is no chao garden in sonic heroes