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Alexander Superial or DC 2.5 works well

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Q: What size reed for Meyer 5 mouthpiece?
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How do you install a reed in a saxophone?

Take out your reed and wet it. After about 5 minutes or so, place the reed, flat side down, against the mouthpiece. The top of the reed should be exactly at the top of the mouthpiece. Take your ligature and put it on the mouthpiece and put in the center of your mouthpiece. tighten the screws. Not too tight or else you will damage your reed, mouthpiece, and/or screws.

What is a saxophone mouthpiece facing?

The sax mouthpiece facing is the curve on the reed side of the mouthpiece. There are usually 5 measurements used with feeler gauges and a piece of clear glass with hash marks on it. The most common measurement is the tip opening usually expressed in a 1000th of an inch. A sax mouthpiece such as the Meyer 5MM is a .071" (you would say...It's 71 "one thousandth" of an inch.).Some companys use the metric system like Vandoren, some companys use letters like Selmer. The length of the curve from the tip of the mouthpiece to where it meets the flat table is called the length of the facing. A mouthpiece can have a short facing or a long facing. It could have a french facing (classical)or a NY style facing (jazz). You can find charts on the Inter-web that list all the mouthpieces and their corresponding tip openings and also their facing lengths. Good Luck!! King Koeller

What are saxophone reeds?

It depends on how advanced you are as a player. A beginner should start with a size 2, Alto Sax reed, this is the softest type of reed. After about a year, or however long it takes you to get used to your sax, you can upgrade to a size 2 1/2, and so on so forth, a size 5 reed, is the highest you can go, but is only recommended to people who have tenure playing the sax, and have become an advanced, or extremely experienced player.

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