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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is "Defender of the Faith" and Supreme Governor of the Church of England i.e., the Anglican Communion. She is the ecclesiastical superior of the Archbishop of Canterbury. This answer is from under "Queen Elizabeth II".

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Q: What special role does Queen Elizabeth II hold in the Anglican Church?
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What church did Elizabeth believe in?

Queen Elizabeth I was head of the Church of England, or Anglican Church

What queen made the Anglican church the official church of England?

Queen Elizabeth I

Who brought protestantism back to England by creating the Anglican church?

Queen Elizabeth I

Which branch of the christian church does the queen also head?

It depends on which queen you are talking about. If you are referring to the Queen Elizabeth II of England, that would be the Anglican Church. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark officially heads the Lutheran Church in Denmark, but has even less influence over than than Queen Elizabeth II over the Anglican Church.

How did Queen Elizabeth II impact society?

Queen Elizabeth II has had a huge impact on her society. She started the Anglican church which is a church that mixes those who are Protestants with Catholics.

Was Queen Elizabeth A Purtian?

Queen Elizabeth I was a Protestant, who worshipped in the Anglican Church set up by her father Henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth II, is also Anglican. No Roman Catholic, has been permitted to take the English Throne, since the 17th Century.

Is Queen Elizabeth catholic?

No she is not Catholic. She is a member of the Anglican Church-in fact she is in charge of it as "defender of the faith"

Is Queen Elizabeth II Catholic?

No she is not Catholic. She is a member of the Anglican Church-in fact she is in charge of it as "defender of the faith"

Does Queen Elizabeth believe in God?

Yes she does she's the head of the Anglican Church and she has mentioned God in her speech.

Queen Elizabeths religion?

Queen Elizabeth I was Anglican.

Is the Queen Elizabeth Catholic or Protestant?

She was a catholic The Royal family are members of the Anglican faith Church of England and the Queen is the Royal Governor of that denomination.

How did Queen Elizabeth impact her society?

she set a good example, by bring both Catholic Church and the Protestant Church together. By doing that she made the Anglican Church.

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