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He invented a dance and made a song called smile

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The Tramp

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Q: What was Charlie Chaplin in the silent films?
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What silent films was Charlie Chaplin in?

The Tramp

Who made some silent films?

The LEGEND has got to be Charlie Chaplin.

When did Charlie Chaplin start doing silent films black and white?

It was in 1918.

Which star of silent films is immortalized with a statue in Leicester Square?

Charlie Chaplin.

Silent era movie star named the little tramp?

Charlie Chaplin created the character of The Little Tramp (aka The Tramp) when dressing up for the short (silent) film Mabel's Strange Predicament in 1914 and continued to use the character in silent films for several years afterwards.

What film genre is Charlie Chaplin?

The genre of his films can be said to be Silent Comedy.

What year did Charlie Chaplin produce the little tramp?

The little tramp was a serial character appearing in various Chaplin silent films such as the fireman, the rink, etc.

When did charlie chaplin start silent movies?

Charlie Chaplin started Movies in 1913.

Name something you associate with Charlie Chaplin?

cane, mustache, silent films, walking funny, comedy, hat, mime.

Why is Charles chaplin remembered?

Charlie Chaplin excelled in acting, comedy, directing, screenwriting and may other things. His silent comedy films made him famous.

A superstar of early films was a little Englishman called charlie?

Charlie Caplin, i think.LOL :)

Why is charlie chaplin famous?

Charlie Chaplin was a VERY popular and famous silent movie actor, know for his black hat and small "Hitler-style" moustache. He was famous because of his great classic comedy films and loved to entertain people.See Provided Link