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John Fremont, discovered nothing.

He simply was like Lewis and Clark.

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Q: What was John C Fremont's voyage?
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When did John C. C. Sanders die?

John C. C. Sanders died on 1864-08-21.

When did John C. Underwood die?

John C. Underwood died in 1913.

When did John C. Farrar die?

John C. Farrar died in 1974.

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Newfoundland is what John Cabot [c. 1450-c. 1498] found on his voyage. His voyage took him to North America, and most likely to the subsequent Canadian North America. Cabot was born in Venice, Italy. His birth name was Giovanni Caboto.

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In his second voyage, he faced a fierce storm, which was the reason for his demise.

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