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Q: What was supported by John C Callahan?
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When did John H. Callahan die?

Ben Callahan died in 2007.

What actors and actresses appeared in Callahan - 1982?

The cast of Callahan - 1982 includes: Hart Bochner as Callahan John Harkins as Marcus Vox Jamie Lee Curtis as Rachel Bartlett Peter Maloney as Mustaf

Is Brigid Callahan Harrison married?

Brigid Callahan Harrison is married.

When was Mildred Callahan Jones born?

Mildred Callahan Jones was born in 1943.

How tall is Mushy Callahan?

Mushy Callahan is 5' 8 1/2".

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What V.P. supported state rights?

John C. Calhoun

When was John Ross Callahan born?

John Ross Callahan was born in 1853.

What idea concerning States' rights was supported by John C Calhoun?

John C Calhoun supported right of states to veto federal law.

When did John H. Callahan die?

Ben Callahan died in 2007.

When did John Callahan - Wisconsin politician - die?

John Callahan - Wisconsin politician - died in 1956.

When was John H. Callahan born?

John H. Callahan was born on 1845-01-25.

When was John Callahan - actor - born?

John Callahan - actor - was born on 1953-12-23.

When was John Callahan - Wisconsin politician - born?

John Callahan - Wisconsin politician - was born in 1865.

When was John B. Callahan born?

John B. Callahan was born on 1969-09-20.

When did John Callahan - pitcher - die?

John Callahan - pitcher - died on 1954-02-15.

When was John Callahan - pitcher - born?

John Callahan - pitcher - was born on 1874-10-03.

What has the author John Callahan written?

John Callahan has written: 'A Man You Could Love' 'Tracks of the Hunter'