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Q: What was the leading bishop of the east called?
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When was Bishop Anstey East created?

Bishop Anstey East was created in 2001.

What is the motto of Bishop Anstey East?

The motto of Bishop Anstey East is ''Selflessly Serving Our Community''.

What is a bishop's starf called?

A bishop's staff is called a crosier.

Where is billy bishop?

He was excommunicated from the Catholic Church and began his quest through the middle east to spread his own religion called Hinduism.

What is the staff a bishop carries called?

The crozier is the staff used by a bishop.

What is a retired bishop called?

Emertius Bishop or Laid Bishop

What is a bishop's territory called?

The region under a bishop's control is called a diocese.

What country in the middle east is the leading producer of oil?

Saudi Arabia is the leading producer of oil in the Middle east.

What is Bishop Foley Catholic High School's motto?

The motto of Bishop Foley Catholic High School is 'Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow'.

What is liturgical headdress for a bishop?

The bishop's headdress is called a mitre.

What is the installation of a bishop called?

It is called just that, a Mass of Installation of a new bishop. It is conducted by another bishop or bishops. It is distinct from a later ceremony when the newly installed bishop 'takes possession' of his cathedral.

What is chief bishop called?

.Catholic AnswerThe chief bishop is called the Pope, the Holy Father, the Pontiff, etc.