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Q: What were Mathew Hopkins methods?
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How many witches did mathew Hopkins kill?

148 were killed because of his accusations.

When did mathew Hopkins die?

Matthew Hopkins was buried in Manningtree in Essex on 12 August 1647. His exact date of death is not known, but it is reasonable to assume he died no more than four days before his burial.

What methods did Theobald Mathew use to improve American life?

Father Theobald Mathew an abstinence society where members pledged to be sober for life. He also organized schools, industrial classes and benefit societies.

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The cast of Bad Call - 2012 includes: Kate Gry as Darellia Rachael Harding as Liz Mathew Hopkins as Rob

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Tarek P. A. Mathew has written: 'Domain decomposition methods for the numerical solution of partial differential equations' -- subject(s): Decomposition method, Differential equations, Partial, Numerical solutions, Partial Differential equations

Who were the witch hunters of the 17Th century?

mathew Hopkins was a very famous witch hunter back then and he killed meny old women that he thought were witches. he was a vey evil man and put many people through pain and sufforing. one day he was put to one of his own witch finding methods, were he is tied up and put into a river. if he sinks his is not a witch and if he stayed afloat he was a witch. he floated and was exicuted.

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How do you say hello Mathew?

Hello, Mathew

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