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Q: When a speaker ignore the audience ideas and expectations?
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What helps bloggers decide how to present information?

Audience expectations. APEX HOMIE:)

How does the use of a rhetorical question help develop a speaker's ideas?

Rhetorical questions engage the audience by prompting them to think about the topic being discussed. They can help to reinforce the speaker's point by leading the audience to a desired conclusion or by sparking reflection on the subject. By posing questions that imply the answer, the speaker can guide the audience to consider certain perspectives or ideas.

What is a speech where a speaker gives his own thoughts to the audience?

A speech where a speaker gives their own thoughts to the audience is typically known as a persuasive or informative speech. In such speeches, the speaker presents their ideas, opinions, and arguments on a particular topic in order to influence or educate the audience. It is a way for the speaker to express their viewpoint and connect with the listeners on a personal level.

What term refers to a speaker use of emotion logic and ethics to influence an audience?

Rhetoric refers to the speaker's use of emotion, logic, and ethics to influence an audience. This involves the art of persuasive speaking and writing to effectively communicate ideas.

Maintained that a speaker must have a trustworthy character in order to be persuasive?

Aristotle and Ptah-Hotep maintained that a speaker must have a trustworthy character in order to be persuasive.

What inclusion of in a speech allows a speaker to refer to concepts audiences already know and have feelings about?


Why is the effictive use of language vital to a public speaker?

Effective use of language is vital to a public speaker as it helps convey ideas clearly, engage the audience, and persuade them to take action. By using precise language, incorporating storytelling, and adjusting tone and pace, a public speaker can effectively communicate their message and leave a lasting impact on the audience.

What is it called when a public speaker says us and we?

Using "us" and "we" in public speaking is known as employing inclusive language, which helps to connect with the audience by making them feel included in the speaker's message or ideas. This approach can foster engagement, empathy, and a sense of unity among listeners.

What best explains why visual aids and other media contribute to an effective speech?

They help the speaker clarify complex ideas for the audience -Apex

What is the advantage of speeches according to purpose?

Speeches allow the speaker to tailor their message to the specific purpose or goal of the communication, such as persuading, informing, or entertaining the audience. This enables the speaker to effectively engage the audience and achieve the desired outcome. Additionally, speeches provide a platform for the speaker to convey their ideas with emotion, passion, and personal connection, making the message more impactful and memorable.

What is lending credence?

Lending credence- in arguing your point, when a writer or speaker lends his/her opponent some credit for the opponent's ideas. In this way the writer or speaker persuades her audience that he/she is fair and has done his/her homework, therefore strengthening her own argument.

What does a speech given to an audience mean?

A speech given to an audience is a formal address or presentation where a speaker communicates information, shares ideas, or persuades listeners on a particular topic. It is typically delivered live in front of a group of people with the intention of engaging, informing, or inspiring the audience.