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Q: When a was chief howling wind Explorer born?
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What does chief howling wind look like?

Chief Howling Wind, known for the controversy surrounding who actually discovered America, was Native American. While there are no pictures to show what Chief Howling Wind actually looked like, he is often portrayed as a tall Native American with long dark hair and traditional Native American clothes.

What was the evidence left behind chief howling wind?

DNA, like blood and ear wax, was found and was confirmed to be NAtive Americans.

A simile for the howl of the cold north wind?

The wind was howling like a banshee. The wind was howling like a wolf, alone in the woods, in the dark of night. Or maybe like a coyote. Or like a dog howling when its master dies

What is the root word for for howling?


What is the root are base word for howling?


What word links road and wind?


What is the decibel of howling wind?

about 50-60 decibels

Is a cold howling wind and blowing snow.?

It is known as a blizzard.

What are the release dates for Inuyasha - 2000 The Howling Wind of Betrayal 3-67?

Inuyasha - 2000 The Howling Wind of Betrayal 3-67 was released on: USA: 31 July 2004

Is 'the wind howling outside the car' a personification?

Yes. Wind is the subject being personified and howling is the human trait assigned to the subject.Personification - A figure of speech in which inanimate objects/non human are given human qualities

Did the dust bowl create any sounds at all?

no there was no sound except maybe the wind howling

Is there a sentence with the word unrest in it?

The solider was at an unrest as he staggered through the howling wind, yawning and thinking of a warm fireplace.