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Bertrand du Guesclin died in 1380.

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Q: When did Bertrand du Guesclin die?
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When was Bertrand du Guesclin born?

A very famous French commander in the hundred years war. More info:

What is the duration of Du Guesclin film?

The duration of Du Guesclin - film - is 1.45 hours.

When did Bertrand du Pouget die?

Bertrand du Pouget died in 1352.

When was Du Guesclin - film - created?

Du Guesclin - film - was created on 1949-06-03.

What are the ratings and certificates for Du Guesclin - 1949?

Du Guesclin - 1949 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16 France:U

When was Bertrand du Pouget born?

Bertrand du Pouget was born in 1280.

When was Bertrand du Castel born?

Bertrand du Castel was born on 1952-02-08.

What are the release dates for Du Guesclin - 1949?

Du Guesclin - 1949 was released on: France: 3 June 1949 Portugal: 4 April 1951 Finland: 3 October 1952 USA: 26 March 2008 (DVD premiere)

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