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He died the year of 771 when Charlemagne started ruling by himself.

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Q: When did Carloman die?
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When did Hugh of Die die?

Hugh of Die died in 1106.

When did Die Sagerin die?

Die Sagerin died in 1573.

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When did Carloman I die?

Carloman I died in 771.

When did Carloman of Bavaria die?

Carloman of Bavaria died on 880-09-29.

When did Carloman - mayor of the palace - die?

Carloman - mayor of the palace - died in 754.

When did Carloman II die?

Carloman II died on 884-12-12.

When did Claude-Carloman de Rulhière die?

Claude-Carloman de Rulhière died in 1791.

When was Carloman I born?

Carloman I was born in 751.

When was Carloman of Bavaria born?

Carloman of Bavaria was born in 830.

When was Carloman II born?

Carloman II was born in 866.

When was Claude-Carloman de Rulhière born?

Claude-Carloman de Rulhière was born in 1735.

Did Carloman do anything important?

not really

What happend in 771 ad?

Carloman, brother of Charlemagne, died.

What was Charlemagne's brother's name?

he's brothers name was carloman