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Q: When did Florence w Parpart die?
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When did Hércules Florence die?

Hércules Florence died in 1879.

When did Florence Meyer die?

Florence Meyer died in 1962.

When did Florence Maybrick die?

Florence Maybrick died in 1941.

When did Florence Chambers die?

Florence Chambers died in 1979.

When did Florence Lassandro die?

Florence Lassandro died in 1923.

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Who is florence parpart born?

a year

When did florence parpart invent?

Florence Parpart did not invent anything. She was an American inventor and businesswoman who held several patents related to kitchen appliances and electrical devices, but she is not widely known for a specific invention.

What did florence parpart invent?

she invented a refrigerator and many More things like clothes

What has the author F von Parpart written?

F. von Parpart has written: 'Kunstsammlungen f. von Parpart'

How tall is Stephen Parpart?

Stephen Parpart is 5' 9".

What is the birth name of Florence Smythe?

Florence Smythe's birth name is Florence W. Smythe.

History of the Florence stove company?

i have a florence stove no w.1c do you have a picture of it

Where is the Handy W C Museum in Florence Alabama located?

The address of the Handy W C Museum is: 620 W College St, Florence, AL 35630

How did florence die?

Florence never died. What are you on?

What has the author Florence W Skinner written?

Florence W. Skinner has written: 'Pie, pickle and ham' -- subject(s): Hygiene, Juvenile literature

When did Florence Luscomb die?

Florence Luscomb died in 1985.

When did Minias of Florence die?

Minias of Florence died in 250.