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Harry Lindley Hupp died in 2004.

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Q: When did Harry Lindley Hupp die?
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When did Jack Hupp die?

Jack Hupp died on July 12, 2001, in Beverly Hills, California, USA of Parkinson's disease.

When did Earl Lindley die?

Earl Lindley died on 2012-02-14.

When did William Heerlein Lindley die?

William Heerlein Lindley died in 1917.

When did John Lindley die?

John Lindley died on 1865-11-01.

When did Walter C. Lindley die?

Walter C. Lindley died in 1958.

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When was Harry Lindley Hupp born?

Harry Lindley Hupp was born in 1929.

When did Otto Hupp die?

Otto Hupp died in 1949.

When did Anne Hupp die?

Anne Hupp died in 1823.

When did John Hupp die?

John Hupp died in 1909.

When did Lindley Murray die?

Lindley Murray died in 1826.

When did Hilda Lindley die?

Hilda Lindley died in 1980.

When did Isaac Lindley die?

Isaac Lindley died in 1989.

When did Charles Lindley die?

Charles Lindley died in 1957.

When did Howard Lindley die?

Howard Lindley died in 1972.

When did Maurice Lindley die?

Maurice Lindley died in 1994.

When did William Lindley die?

William Lindley died in 1900.

When did Tinsley Lindley die?

Tinsley Lindley died in 1940.