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John Woodman Higgins died in 1961.

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Q: When did John Woodman Higgins die?
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When was John Woodman Higgins born?

John Woodman Higgins was born in 1874.

What has the author John Woodman Higgins written?

John Woodman Higgins has written: 'Industrial education and industrial museums' -- subject(s): Educational aspects, Educational aspects of Industrial museums, Industrial museums

When did John Woodman die?

John Woodman died on 1481-08-03.

When did John Higgins of Montoge die?

John Higgins of Montoge died in 1729.

When did John Gilbert Higgins die?

John Gilbert Higgins died in 1963.

When did John Higgins - cricketer - die?

John Higgins - cricketer - died in 1970.

When did John Higgins - gunman - die?

John Higgins - gunman - died in 1914.

When did John C. Higgins die?

John C. Higgins died in 1995.

When did John Higgins - admiral - die?

John Higgins - admiral - died on 1973-12-07.

When did John Frederick Andrews Higgins die?

John Frederick Andrews Higgins died on 1948-06-01.

When was John Woodman Memorial created?

John Woodman Memorial was created in 1987.

When did Allan Woodman die?

Allan Woodman died in 1963.