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Johnny Riddle died on 1998-12-15.

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Q: When did Johnny Riddle die?
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When did Ernest Riddle die?

Ernest Riddle died on 1939-02-28.

How did Johnny winter die?


When did Johnny Austin die?

Johnny Austin died in 1983.

When did Johnny Doran die?

Johnny Doran died in 1950.

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Johnny Broome died in 1855.

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When and where did baseball player Johnny Riddle die?

Johnny Riddle died December 15, 1998, in Indianapolis, IN, USA.

When was Johnny Riddle born?

Johnny Riddle was born on 1905-10-03.

When and where was baseball player Johnny Riddle born?

Johnny Riddle was born October 3, 1905, in Clinton, SC, USA.

What are baseball player Johnny Riddle's physical stats?

Johnny Riddle is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 190 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

When did Lesley Riddle die?

Lesley Riddle died in 1980.

When did Almeda Riddle die?

Almeda Riddle died in 1986.

When did Oscar Riddle die?

Oscar Riddle died in 1968.

When did Toby Riddle die?

Toby Riddle died in 1920.

When did Chase Riddle die?

Chase Riddle died in 2011.

When did Frederick Riddle die?

Frederick Riddle died in 1995.

When did Theodate Pope Riddle die?

Theodate Pope Riddle died in 1946.

When did Hugh Riddle die?

Hugh Riddle died on 2009-04-16.