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In 1925.

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Q: When did Josephine Baker perform her banana dance?
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Who was the black actress who did the banana dance?

Josephine Baker

When was Everybody Wants to Dance Like Josephine Baker created?

Everybody Wants to Dance Like Josephine Baker was created in 1989-11.

What made Josephine Baker famous?

Her exotic dance routines.

Is a banana dance banana phone?

A banana dance is a term (slang) meaning crazy dance while a banana phone is a phone shaped like a banana or a slang to mean a crazy phone (with sexual connotations)

Do banana's dance?

No, they do not.

What has the author Josephine Blumenfeld written?

Josephine Blumenfeld has written: 'See me dance the polka' 'Shrimps for tea'

Who made the banana dance?


Which 1920 singer starred in Paris at the folies bergere?

African-American singer, Josephine Baker left the racist in America to become a huge star of the Paris Folies Bergere in the 1920s. Baker became the toast of Europe with her notorious dance routines that were noted for her scanty attire.

Is there a banana dance?

That sounds silly actually the answer is no.

Why do the Mexicans perform the tango dance On what celebrations do the Mexicans perform this dance?

They don't; Tango was born in Argentina.

What is retrograde in dance?

Use of retrograde in dance: is to perform the motif backwards in a dance

Who is Josephine Baker the singer?

She was a Black woman who was an entertainment figure in Paris- often called Jo Jo Baker, to avoid confusion with a comic song. Known for extravagant acts with live exotic Cats ( on stage) and popularized the can-can dance act. She was also a commissioned officer in the Africa Corps- the French one, not the German .

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