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Lucy Lambert Hale died on 1915-10-15.

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Q: When did Lucy Lambert Hale die?
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When was Lucy Lambert Hale born?

Lucy Lambert Hale was born on 1841-01-01.

Was John Wilkes Booth engaged?

Yes, to Lucy Lambert Hale.

Did john Wilkes booth marry Lucy Lambert hale?

No, Booth and Hale were engaged but he died before they could marry.

Did John Wilkes Booth have any wife?

yes he did he married lucy hale Booth did not marry Lucy Lambert Hale, he was courting her at the time of the assassination and after the event, her father shipped her out of the country

Who is Lucy hale's father?

Lucy Hale's father's name is Preston Hale.

What is Lucy hale middle name?

Lucy Kate Hale

When was Lucy Hale born?

Lucy Hale was born on June 14, 1989

Is Lucy hale pregnant?

Yes Lucy hale is having my baby.

Who did John Wilkes Booth love?

Booth had many female lovers. At the time of Lincoln's assassination, he was engaged to be married to Lucy Lambert Hale. She was the daughter of former senator of New Hampshire, John P. Hale.

Does Lucy hale have a facebook and if so is her name Lucy lu hale?


What is Lucy Hale's birthday?

Lucy Hale was born on June 14, 1989.

What state was Lucy Hale born in?

Lucy Hale was born in Memphis, Tennessee