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he invented

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Q: When did Otis Boykin invent the pace maker?
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Witch part is the hearts pace maker?


What is the device that monitors your heart beat called?

Pace Maker

How is the pace maker involved in your heart beat?

The pace maker uses electrical impulses to regulate heart rate. It is used when the bodies own impulses from the brain are not able to do the job anymore.

Can you use Viagra if you have a pace maker?

yes i use it all the time.

What kind of inventions were made in 2000?

the pace maker the heart transplant dolly the sheep

How much does a Pace Maker cost?

It costs alot of money. si senorita me almo Sapphire

Were is the fast pace thing on windows movie maker?

The Speed up, Double is in the Effects menu.

Which machine is fitted in a person whose heart does not beat normally?

It is an electronic device known as a pace-maker.

Can a pacemaker cause a burning pinching sensation?

pace maker burning in chest at night when i turn over in bed.

What does a pace maker adjust the heart rate to correspond with in the body?

it adjusts the heart rate to correspond to the body's need for oxygen

What are some inventions made by African-Americans?

African American Inventors and Their InventionsOtis Boykin - pacemaker and guided missileFrederick McKinley Jones - portable refrigeratorJan Ernst Matzeliger - machines that enabled mass production of shoesGarrett A. Morgan - one of the first gas masksNorbert Rillieux - water evaporators that aided in the sugar industryGranville T. Woods - many contributions to the railroad industry

How does control of the heart beat occur?

the Sino Atrial Node (SA Node) is the pace maker of the heart that receives singles from the brain.