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Veronica of Milan died on 1497-01-13.

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Q: When did Veronica of Milan die?
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When did Lanfranc of Milan die?

Lanfranc of Milan died in 1306.

When did Milan Zloković die?

Milan Zloković died in 1965.

When did Milan Jovanović - photographer - die?

Milan Jovanović - photographer - died in 1944.

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Mirocles - bishop of Milan - died in 316.

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When was Veronica of Milan born?

Veronica of Milan was born in 1445.

When was Veronica Pivetti born?

Veronica Pivetti was born on February 19, 1965, in Milan, Lombardy, Italy.

How many saints have the name Veronica?

There are at least 4 saints named Veronica:Veronica (of the veil)Veronica GiulianiVeronica of BinascoVeronica of Milan

What year did saint veronica die?

We do not even know the real name of Veronica, much less when she was born or died.

What has the author Veronica Olivotto written?

Veronica Olivotto has written: 'Caere, necropoli di Monte Abatone' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Catalogs, Etruscan Pottery, Milan (Italy), Milan (Italy). Museo archeologico, Pottery, Etruscan, Tombs

When did Veronica Gedeon die?

Veronica Gedeon died in 1937.

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Veronica Gambara died in 1550.

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