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On the last episode, Ichigo kisses Aoyama Kun, But Aoyama-kun never kisses her!

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Q: When does aoyama-kun kiss ichigo?
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Why does Ichigo kiss rukia?

since when did ichigo kiss rukia?!

Will ichigo and rukia kiss?

they will kiss

Does Ichigo kiss Rukia?

they have not kiss and and might kiss but have not kiss ^_^

Will ichigo and orihime kiss?

no but they almost kiss

In the episodes Tokyo Mew Mew does Ryou kiss Ichigo?

yes he did kiss ichigo in episode 36

Does orihmine kiss ichigo?


Dos ichigo kiss orihime?

Nope. Never. When Ichigo is asleep, however, Orihime tries to kiss him but couldn't do it.

Does ichigo's hollow kiss rukia?

No. He does not. He is INSIDE ichigo. He cannot. It's impossible.

Did rukia kiss ichigo?

well no but if you watch most of the episodes and do quizzes you can well see that rukia would want to kiss ichigo

Which episode in bleach do ichigo and orihime almost kiss?

141 they almost kiss i am pretty sure this is the episode

Which manga did ichigo kiss rukia?


When does kisshu kiss ichigo?

in episode 3 i think