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west of cerulean city

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At level 22 it evolves to arbok!

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Q: When does ekans evovle in FireRed?
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When will ekans evovle into arbok in FireRed?

Ekans will evolve at level 20.

How do you catch ekans?

You catch Ekans on Route 4 in FireRed.

Where to find ekans on Pokemon emerald?

You can't get ekans on emerald trade one from firered.

How does Snorlax evovle in FireRed?

He doesn't...

How do you catch an Ekans in sapphire?

You can't catch an Ekans; you'll have to get one through trading from FireRed.

Where to find arbok in Pokemon FireRed?

You get an ekans and raise it up to be an arbok p.s. ekans are really easy to find!

How do I get an ekans in Pokemon LeafGreen?

"How do I get an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen?"You can't catch an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen, but you can catch it in Pokemon firered and trade it.I got my Ekans at route 10 at lv. 4

When does ekens evolve in FireRed?

Ekans evolves lvl 22

Where can you get a growlithe in leafgreen and where can you get an ekans in leafgreen please answer?

ekans can be found in the end of the victory road in leafgreen. You can only find growlithe in firered. firered you can find both way easyer in firered than leafgreen so trade with firered. there is info about pkmn for all you GAMERS

Can you catch ekans in Pokemon platinum?

Are you dumb? You got questions to answer.How_do_you_catch_pidgeotto_in_leafgreenWhere_in_the_Safari_Zone_do_you_catch_SeakingAnyway, you catch ekans on Route 212 South in Platinum, or you can migrate from FireRed (and FireRed only, unless you traded before migrating.)

When does Pikachu evovle in FireRed?

Pikachu evolves with a thunder stone.

What level does ponyta evovle in Pokemon FireRed?

40 into Rapidash