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Anne Howard - actress - was born on 1925-03-18.

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Q: When was Anne Howard - actress - born?
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When did Anne Howard - actress - die?

Anne Howard - actress - died on 1991-04-22.

When was Melissa Howard - actress - born?

Melissa Howard - actress - was born in 1989.

Who is the Nar realtor commercial actress?

Anne Marie Howard

When was Anne Shirley - actress - born?

Anne Shirley - actress - was born on 1918-04-17.

When was Anne Howard Bailey born?

Anne Howard Bailey was born on July 26, 1924, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

When was Anne Marie Howard born?

Anne Marie Howard was born on March 31, 1960, in San Diego, California, USA.

Who is the lovely spokesperson featured in the Ditech commercials?

Anne Marie Howard, actress. Go to

Who is the pretty blond actress in the heat surge commercial?

I'm almost certain it is Anne Marie Howard.

Who is anne Jackson?

Anne Jackson is a famous actress born inSeptember 3, 1926.

Who was the youngest of Henry VIII's wives?

Kathryn Howard 1521 [BORN]Anne of Cleves 1515 [BORN]Katherine Parr 1512 [BORN]Anne Boleyn 1507 or 1509 [BORN]Jane Seymour 1509 {BORN}Catherine of Aragon 1485 {BORN}

How tall is Anne Marie Howard?

Anne Marie Howard is 5' 5".

How old is Lisa Howard?

Canadian actress Lisa Howard (Earth: Final Conflict) is 54 years old (born November 24, 1963). US stage actress Lisa Howard is 42 years old (born 1975). TV journalist and former soap actress Dorothy Guggenheim, aka Lisa Howard, was 39 years old when she committed suicide on July 4, 1965 (born April 24, 1926 -- some sources show 1930).